Albany Measure DD

Want Albany to care about and take action on climate change? Want fair taxes to support this important work?  VOTE YES on Albany Measure DD!!

Albany met its 2020 pollution reduction goal as a community by reducing our carbon emissions. Help Albany meet its next critical climate protection goals by raising funds to support climate action while reducing energy costs for low-income Albany residents.

Measure DD slightly raises taxes on gas and electricity and institutes a tax on water (for a total of 30 cents per day for the average household). In addition to encouraging more frugal use of these resources, it also fairly taxes users: those who use more pay more, those who use less pay less.

These funds are needed to support Albany’s efforts to promote sustainability, provide emergency response planning, and other important city services.  Measure DD recommends a third of the new revenues be used for climate protection and adaptation actions such as:

  • Transitioning from gas whose use pollutes your home to clean, renewably  generated electricity
  • Increasing our urban forest and green infrastructure to reduce temperatures
  • Creating incentives to encourage residents to use zero emission forms of transportation


We need to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use to protect the climate. There are cost-competitive, electric appliances that can replace older, polluting and unsafe natural gas-fired appliances. Measure DD will raise funds in an equitable way to promote and encourage our transition to clean electrically powered appliances while also increasing the safety and health of our residents

Voting YES on Measure DD exempts low-income Albany households enrolled in CARE and CAP cost reduction programs from the proposed and EXISTING utility  taxes.  Passage of the measure will SAVE financially challenged households in Albany moneyMeasure DD will advance economic justice in Albany.

VOTE YES on Measure DD!  Albany cares about the climate! Albany wants taxes to be fair!